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Sebastiane Ketsl Ravenscroft has more than 15 years of experience working across a variety of non-profit organisations including healthcare, education, mental health, and LGBTQ2+ advocacy. Currently pursuing their PHD in Behavioural Psychology, their background is in generational trauma with a focus on assisting those who have experienced genocide, especially refugees who have emigrated to America recently. Within this field, their research centres around cross cultural psychology and implicit bias, a specialty that aids in their work with marginalised groups, such as refugees, LGBTQ2+, and other minorities. Sebastiane also produces and hosts a mental health podcast with their wife to create a place where other adults can share stories about life with mental illness.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Sebastiane’s work in activism started at an early age. Their father, a Black American, was a member of the Black Panthers in the 1970s and 80s, and their mother campaigned for women’s health rights, as well as securing health care for people living with HIV/AIDS. After immigrating to San Francisco, Sebastiane took up their penchant for activism within their community. This passion has continued up to today; Sebastiane currently holds the position of Chair for their local pride organisation where they work closely with the BIPOC community to ensure equity and inclusion within the LGBTQ2+ spaces.

In their current work, Sebastiane strives for facilitating inclusion, understanding, and building community both within Heathen and LGBTQ2+ groups. Although a native of Israel, Sebastiane has also lived and worked in London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and Mumbai among other places around the world. They now make their home in the United States with their wife, both of whom have been active heathens for more than 20 years. Sebastiane contributes their wide variety of expertise to the administrative management and development of Forn Sidr of America.