The purpose of Bragi’s Hall is to showcase creative works by Forn Sidr practitioners. It’s a place to highlight devotional artwork, literature, rituals, music, poetry, and other expressions of spirituality by voices in the Heathen community.

If you’d like to submit to Bragi’s Hall, please read these Guidelines closely.


You may submit up to 2 original works per category at one time and only 1 work will be chosen per category per submitter per month.

  1. The purpose of this showcase is to highlight our Forn Sidr and American Heathen Community. To submit, you must consider yourself a part of that community in some manner. Blended paths are welcome.
  2. All work must meet our Guidelines for submission.
  3. You must consider your primary residence to be in North America.
  4. Submission of your work does not guarantee it’ll be showcased in Bragi’s Hall. While we would love to present everyone’s work, time and space constraints mean we must select a limited number. Like any showcase publication, we’ll be presenting a sampling of voices in the community each month.
  5. This is not an art contest. We select a wide sampling of work from all levels of proficiency. Work will be selected based on its representation of Forn Sidr practice and overall impact.
  6. All works submitted must be complete works and not works in progress.

Categories we accept:

  • Visual – Traditional Art, Digital Art, Sculpture, Photography, Video
  • Written – Prose, Poetry, Short Stories (Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction), Retellings, Devotional Pieces, Rituals, Recipes, and Spells.
  • Audio – Music or Spoken Word; Poetry, Short Stories, Dramatization, Powerful Speech, Rap Battles, Instrumental, and Vocals.

If you aren’t sure if we have a category for your work, never fear. If accepted, we’ll find a way to showcase it.

Categories we do not accept:

  • Academic papers, articles, or essays.
  • Opinion pieces or political pieces.
  • Works that are unrelated to the spiritual practice or metaphysical practice of Forn Sidr/Heathenry.
  • White nationalist and pro-fascist motivated pieces.
  • Pop Culture portrayals of Norse Figures or designs that are similar to reserved Trademarks.

If you’re not sure if your work meets submission guidelines, feel free to reach out and ask.


All content:

  1. Must be your own original creation and within your right to release limited copyrights to FSoA (See Submission Terms for details).
  2. Must appropriately exhibit the values and tenets of Forn Sidr of America.
  3. Must be focused upon the submitter’s own spiritual experiences.
  4. Must be framed in ways that uphold and promote consent, where appropriate (particularly to Rituals).
  5. Must uses inclusive language when referring to gender. Check out this guide if you’re unsure.
  6. Uses language that respects people of all physical and mental capabilities (Does not present bodily normativity and neurotypicality as the goal. Avoids disparaging language based on these factors of identity. Avoids comparisons between ability types.)
  7. Does not compare other faiths with Forn Sidr and does not disparage other faiths.
  8. Social justice narratives must be submitted by those who experience the specific kind of oppression being referenced.
  9. Should not seek to further disempower marginalized and oppressed identities or disparage accommodations made to them.
  10. Does not make assumptions and overarching statements defining the identity of Heathenry.

Visual Art Guidelines

Traditional (media on paper/canvas)

  1. Photo or scan of the piece
  2. File must be a .JPEG file of 300 dpi or more
  3. If taking a photo of a traditional art piece, it must be taken with the piece laying on a flat surface with a solid background and without distracting objects in the frame. Try to fill almost the entire frame.
  4. Photograph of the traditional art piece must be almost perfectly parallel to the piece itself to avoid distortion.
  5. Photo or image submissions of traditional art must be clear and without any blemishes in the final product.
  6. Signature on your work; either on the work itself or watermark in the photo in the bottom corner so as not to obstruct the image.
  7. Artists descriptions of image.


  1. 300dpi .PNG or .JPEG file
  2. Signature on your work in the work so as not to obstruct the image.
  3. Artist’s descriptions of image.

Practical Media

  1. 1-3 photos taken of the piece in 300dpi .JPEG
  2. Take photos at appropriate angles to showcase the craftsmanship of the piece.
  3. Signature on your work; either on the work itself or watermark in the photo so as not to obstruct the image.
  4. Artist’s description of the image.

Mixed Media

  1. Photo or scan of the piece
  2. File must be a .JPEG file of 300 dpi or more
  3. Use your discretion and refer to submission guidelines for the most appropriate category to showcase your art.
  4. Signature on your work; either on the work itself or watermark in the photo so as not to obstruct the image.
  5. Artist’s descriptions of image.
  1. .JEPG file (raw files not accepted)
  2. 300 dpi minimum quality
  3. Artist description of the image.
  1. Submit as a YouTube video url.
  2. Video must contain artist-written closed captions (auto captions not accepted) and visual descriptions for the blind.

Written Work Guidelines

Please submit all written work as a .docx file. Contact submissions if you need to use a different file type.

  1. Minimum of 9 lines.
  2. Up to 2 pages in length.
  3. Work should be formatted in the way it’s to be displayed.
  4. Poetry may be structured or free-verse.
  1. Genres can include fantasy, sci-fi, retelling, romance, thriller, horror, mystery, satire, memoir and other creative nonfiction.
  2. Must be between 1,500 and 8,000 words.
  3. Must have been proofread and edited for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  4. Work should follow general structural guidelines for short stories.

Submitter must have participated in this ritual at least once.

An Initial Description should provide:

  • an overall intent to the ritual
  • initial list of materials. If any materials are difficult or expensive to obtain, provide alternatives.
  • provide alternatives for any alcohol consumed by participants or officiants.
  • entheogens should not be a requirement for ritual.
  • rough ritual time frame (must not exceed 45 minutes).
  • space and number of people ritual is designed for.

The ritual format should allow for consent where and when appropriate. Ritual outline should give clear instructions like a recipe with broken lines for different parts and actions. Speaking roles shall be clearly designated.

Ritual should be accessible for people of all physical and mental capabilities. With specific attention to:

  • standing/movement requirements
  • visualization/aphantasia
  • hearing requirements
  • visual requirements
  • speaking requirements

Because shared rituals are for anyone to practice themselves, no part of the ritual should contain cultural or sacred staples from cultures which have experienced colonization (e.g. chakras, mudras, spirit animals, indigenous spirits, smudge ceremony, sweat lodge etc). No part of the ritual shall involve a transfer of bodily fluids by participants. If any meat/animal offerings are to be used, they must be prepared prior to the ritual.

Please refer to the section guidelines that most closely fits your devotional or prayer.

  1. Must protect consent and not compromise the autonomy of anyone. You may submit prayers for certain situations (such as healing), but with the understanding that prayers should only be given with the consent of that person.
  2. Devotionals must not be inappropriate for the deity or spirit that they are intended (e.g. representations of spring should not be given to Hel).

Recipes can be for entrees, desserts, snacks, food offerings, tea, mead, kombucha, alcoholic drinks and nonalcoholic drinks, and more.

  1. Should follow traditional North American formats with ingredients and their measurements listed first before directions.
  2. All measurements should be in N. American Imperial units; pounds, cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc.
  3. Please specify if recipe is or can be altered for dietary concerns, specifically for common restrictions such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, soy free, nut free, and sugar free.

Audio Guidelines

  1. Submit as a Soundcloud or YouTube Video.
  2. Recordings must contain clear sound quality, minimum of 192 kbps. Please avoid distracting background sounds: white noise, grainy quality, echoes, and other distracting blemishes on the audio.
  3. Before you bounce your audio, be sure it isn’t clipping.
  4. Lyrics, if any.

Optional: Artist may choose to provide visuals that match the composition for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

  1. Submitted as a Soundcloud or YouTube Video url.
  2. Recordings must contain clear sound quality. Prior to uploading to YouTube or Soundcloud, audio should be bounced as an mp3. Minimum of 192 kbps.
  3. Please avoid distracting background sounds, white noise, grainy quality, echoes, and other distracting blemishes on the audio.
  4. Transcript of the content.


By submitting intellectual property to Bragi’s Hall at Forn Sidr of America you are agreeing to the Terms of Submission outlined herein.


By submitting to Bragi’s Hall you are agreeing that you, as the Creator, own all right, title, and interest in and to of the intellectual property submitted. Creator additionally warrants that the Creator has all necessary rights required to grant Forn Sidr of America use of this work.


The Creator, hereby releases, and Forn Sidr of America does accept, the absolute and unconditional right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and/or display the submitted Intellectual Property on Forn Sidr of America websites and social media for the purpose of showcasing creative works. You, the Creator agree to the display of this submitted Intellectual Property alongside other creative works.


Forn Sidr of America will not utilize, distribute, market or otherwise display your Intellectual Property for the purpose of display on merchandise, fundraising, or political causes. If you are okay with having your Intellectual Property displayed on official Forn Sidr of America merchandise and promotional material, please contact us at

The Creator shall retain all Intellectual Property Rights over their work and may request its removal from our publications at any time via written request. Forn Sidr of America agrees that upon receiving a removal request we will remove the Intellectual Property in a timely manner, with the understanding that the Intellectual Property may remain on prior iterations and archives of online media.


“Submission” in your email subject
Name you wish to go by:
Pronouns to refer to you in the publication:
Artist Statement:
Alt Tag description of your work (if visual/audio):
Facebook Page (no profiles), Instagram, and/or Tumblr urls for people to see more of your work if desired. We do not accept shop/store urls at this time.

With the exception of links to videos and music, please attach your documents in your email.