Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

An animistic living tradition which focuses on experiential growth and the inherent worth of all people.

Our Vision

A thriving spiritual community with a living tradition that centers upon interconnectivity, belonging, and right-relationship.

Our Organizational Wyrdstays

The Values of our Hof

Just as the mainstays of a ship serve as chief supports for the mast, our Wyrdstays are the supporting wyrd for our organization. Forn Sidr of America and our volunteers are committed to embodying these values in service to our community.

We respect the autonomy and interdependence of all things.

We recognize the inherent worth and autonomy of all life and prioritize unalienable rights over body, mind, and personal identity, each according to their own needs.

Be community-minded.

Humanity flourishes when we work together to meet our needs and collectively improve the quality of our lives. To this end, we are active participants in the communities to which we belong and foster good relationships with the communities around us towards the positive development of humanity worldwide.

Frith as a sacred pledge.

This is a commitment to each and every person that enters our space that they may find hospitality, safety, and refuge with us. We foster a culture that prioritizes wellness while maintaining awareness of any unequal power dynamics that may exist both inside or outside of our spaces.

Integrity and Accountability.

We demonstrate consistency in our words, values, and commitments; that they should reflect our moral principles and represent the whole of our character. When personal development and new awareness occur, we lean into self-examination and welcome personal growth.

Compassion as an intentional practice.

Recognizing ourselves in all sentient beings moves us to reject arbitrary differences that divide us, challenge our assumptions of others, and bear witness to each other’s suffering with deeper understanding. Compassionate accountability allows us to see a person’s inherent worth and well-being and gently, but resolutely, call them back to that.