Thank you for your interest in joining Forn Sidr of America!

We’re still in the process of establishing our membership program at this time and aren’t ready to accept applications yet. If you’re interested in joining Forn Sidr of America and wish to stay informed about memberships, please submit your name and email to our email subscription form.

Norse knotwork of animals


What is involved in getting Memberships ready?

Our Religious Development Team along with our Council have been working together to establish the infrastructure needed to serve a membership body. In addition to preserving the Nordrop family lineage, we are creating a full church development plan that will guide us and our policies as we grow our Forn Sidr community.

When will memberships open?

We are hoping to offer memberships in 2021. Offering our community membership, services, and educational resources remains our top priority. Many of our resources are still being written and peer reviewed by people willing to volunteer their time and energy to this project so our time frame remains tentative.