Shieldwall of North America


To build a network of spiritual communities that empowers minorities and celebrates diversity.


A society of communities that cultivates awareness on how social biases contribute to systems of oppression, discrimination, and other humanitarian issues in our world today.


Shieldwall of North America (SONA) is Forn Sidr of America’s restorative justice initiative. Shieldwall is a vehicle through which Heathens can counteract systems of oppression, discrimination, and other humanitarian issues we face. Its goal is to create and maintain spaces where minorities are empowered, diversity is celebrated, and equity exists between all.

Shieldwall has two means of accomplishing its mission:

By providing an environment for internal social justice

Internal social justice work is the act of identifying the ways we as individuals contribute to systems of oppression, whether consciously or unconsciously. This includes acknowledging our own social biases and learning to move past them.

Internal social justice is the backbone of external social justice—with it, our actions become the product of an active understanding. Shieldwall of North America aims to provide a platform for which people can compassionately address these issues both in our spaces and in ourselves.

By serving as a vehicle for external social justice

Shieldwall allows heathens to meet, organize, and act for causes that promote the wellbeing of all humankind. This can include demonstrating allyship and attending humanitarian causes. External social justice is the physical demonstration of social reparation within our world and spiritual communities.


Partnering with Shieldwall

Any partnerships of ours involving social action are made through Shieldwall of North America. We demonstrate our commitment to humanity and community relations by offering our support, bodies, and services to the benefit of humanitarian causes. If you would like to form a partnership with Shieldwall of North America, feel free to contact us.

Joining Shieldwall

Our current platform for Shieldwall of North America is our Facebook group by the same name. You do not have to have official Membership to Forn Sidr of America to join our Facebook group and participate in Shieldwall’s mission. Like the shield wall tactic of ancient warfare, Forn Sidr’s Shieldwall is designed to protect. Shieldwall is not to be used as a method of provocation or proselytizing.