Black and white picture depicting Alexandra

Alexandra Ravenscroft

Gudellri, Acting Clergy


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Alexandra is an experienced occultist, holding a Master of Divinity degree from Naropa University and a B.A. in Religious World History from Oklahoma State University.

Alexandra began her journey to paganism at age 17 with Celtic Wicca and, later, Roman Polytheism. Although she was raised in a conservative Christian family, she frequently sought refuge in the woods, finding spiritual identity in nature.

At 19 she began a meditative practice which led her to enroll in Naropa University, where she was initiated into Tibetan Esotericism. She was also initiated in Mahayoga and Anuyoga by Khentrul Gyangkhang Rinpoche of the Palyual lineage. Alexandra was called to Heathenry unexpectedly by Odin and her Dísir (female ancestors) during a ritual, drawn to the Norse worldview for its views on personal sovereignty and identity. Her current practice focuses upon reparative ancestral work, transitional work, death work, spirit relationships, landvaettir, space cleansing, banishment, Spacecraft, Seidr, and transformative mysticism. She maintains close relationships with Hel, Freya, her Dísir, and others.

With her background in religious education and 6 years’-worth of facilitating spiritual rites, ceremonies, and services, Alexandra joins Forn Sidr of America as Gudellri (Head Clergy) as well as Ellri for FSoA’s flagship Hof. She works with the rest of the Religious Development Board to build culture, curriculum, and to provide necessary spiritual services for the American Forn Sidr community.