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Kissi Frost

Religious Education Advisor


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Kissi is a professional freelance artist and performer in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis. Kissi holds a B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design with Minors in Art History and Religion from Hamline University. She went onto receive a Certificate of Arts in Performing Arts and Animation at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk, Denmark’s oldest art college.

Community Work

Kissi volunteers with local events and charities, bringing joy to children with her portrayal of superheroes, princesses, and fairy tale characters (Queen Elsa, Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Rey, Tinkerbell, Jack Frost, etc.). Kissi is a regular volunteer with nonprofits and foundations such as Make a Wish, Fairytale Friends, Minnesota Superheroes United, Relentless, local libraries, and various Cancer organizations.

Previously, she taught art programs and Danish language classes as Concordia Language Villages for 5 years. In 2018, she worked as a teacher for Watch Me Create (formerly Watch Me Paint), an organization offering art programs for kids who might not get exposure to art in school due to defunding.


As a Danish American, Kissi comes from a long lineage of Heathenry. Although she was born and raised in America, Kissi’s family have been practicing Heathens for generations in Denmark. Even their name, Nordtorp, is a reference to their family’s patron deity (Thor), bestowed by a Danish King for their honorable deeds in battle. This warrior lineage continued into the 20th century during the Third Reich occupation of Denmark when the Nordtorp family played a part in the Resistance running both guns and parts of the underground. Kissi’s grandfather and great grandmother smuggled Danish Jews and Romani travelers out of the country and into neutral Sweden.  

To understand Kissi’s role with Forn Sidr of America we need to introduce her mother, the late Dr. Michelle Nordtorp-Madson – “Shelly” to her friends. Shelly was the matriarch of her family’s spiritual lineage as well as a teacher to her local community. Shelly was a gifted practitioner of Seiðr (Norse magic), a spirit worker, magical healer, and occultist. Shelly achieved her PhD in Art History and, during her time as professor emeritus, served as a teacher, curator, collections manager, and mentor at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. She also dedicated much of her life to her community, serving on numerous boards and as a volunteer educator for Scandinavian cultural societies and museums. Prior to her passing in October 2019, Shelly bequeathed the continuation of her family’s lineage to Forn Sidr of America, with the advisement of her daughter, Kissi.

Forn Sidr of America

Kissi officially joined the Forn Sidr of America team in January of 2020 as an advisor for Religious Education. As the last matriarch of her family’s lineage, she collaborates with our Clergy to establish an American Heathen tradition incorporating the wisdom of her ancestors while looking to the future of Heathenry as a growing religious practice. She also contributes as a cultural advisor and translator. While serving Forn Sidr of America, she is also pursuing an honorary clergy designation for her experience under the tutelage of Gudellri Alexandra Ravenscroft.