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Zan Knightly


They/Them, He/Him

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Professional Background

Zan Knightly is a professional artist and web designer. They have over 20 years clocked into artistic development, beginning their drawing pursuits a very young age. At age 14, Zan committed to actively developing their art and attended various art classes, workshops, and artistic lectures. During this time, Zan professionally taught Fine Arts concepts to children and teenagers for nine years. Later, they went on to study traditional drawing and painting at the prestigious Atelier Studio of Fine Arts in Minneapolis, formerly known as the Atelier Lack.

Following a now-recovered sports injury, Zan switched career paths, discovering an unexpected creative outlet in web design. After attending school for their certification, Zan became a full-time web designer.

Combining their artistic expertise and technological savviness, Zan serves on Forn Sidr of America as webmaster, graphic designer, and art and merchandise manager in addition to their role as Director.

Spiritual Background

Zan was raised in an agnostic household. Because of this, they freely explored many avenues of theology, philosophy, and occultism over the course of their life. Zan became Heathen when they found deep connection with the Norse god Loki through creative inspiration and artistic pursuits. These days, Zan is highly involved in the pagan community and promotes resources, spaces, and voices that welcome everyone wishing to develop a working Heathen practice.