Kvasi Fest 2022

Merry Kvasi blot! At the beginning of August we celebrate the first harvest. In North America that usually includes maize, wheat, summer squash, and honey.

Who is Kvasi?

This blot is named for Kvasi, the god created out of the combined saliva from both Vanir and the Aesir, ending the conflict between the two tribes. Kvasi represents the strength and prosperity found in community. We can also see this wisdom in humanity’s discovery and implementation of agriculture, which is often credited for the success of human civilization.

Another story goes on to tell how the dwarves mixed Kvasi’s blood honey to make the Mead of Poetry- an ethereal substance attributed to divine inspiration and ecstatic creativity. Have you ever shared an idea only to have it lead to another and another? If you’ve ever felt that inspiration buzz, you might have been drunk on the Mead of Poetry!

The Mead of Poetry and the gifts of inspiration

Kvasi Fest and the month of August is the perfect time to highlight the gift of raw inspiration and imperfect creativity. Why is this important? In daily life, creativity is so often associated with completion- with a product, that we forget to celebrate the gift that is inspiration itself. Imperfect inspiration can lead us to a divine state of creative expression. Kvasi fest is the perfect time of year to embrace the gifts of imperfect creativity!

In honor of this, we’ll be sharing Heathen artistic works and works in progress all month long! Whether it’s homemade items, fiber crafts, homemade jewelry, devotional art, or other crafts, we want to celebrate the creativity of the human spirit.

If you would like to inspire others by sharing your original work, send it to us! You might see it on our next post!


August 2nd, 2022|Articles, Heathen Practice, Holidays|



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