By Zan Knightly

Loki Fest falls on April 1st, a day colloquially known as April Fool’s Day. Loki Laufeyjarson is perhaps the most prolific trickster in Norse Paganism, followed closely by the Allfather Odin. As a prankster for both good or ill, Loki is a god known for his transgression, subversion, cleverness, and humor. Because of his cavorting nature and rackish demeanor, Loki remains one of the Norse pantheon’s most dynamic deities.

Today we celebrate Loki’s nature by partaking in activities that reflect the spirit he embodies: One that is rooted in revelry and unbridled self-expression. Loki Fest is a day to go hog wild! This can be done in an endless amount of ways, from individual celebrations to group celebrations of any size.

Activity Suggestions


Humor: The humor of the day is decidedly punch-up humor. This is a time of clever, tasteful pranks and practical jokes.

Masks & Costumes: As an act of self-expression, dress to the Nines. Whether it’s your favorite outfit or an elaborate costume, today is the perfect excuse to look and dress however you’d like.

Fun Food & Drinks: Take this holiday to make and/or try foods you’ve always wanted to try! Break out that chocolate fondue fountain. Make that ridiculous recipe you saw on Pinterest. Buy that novelty beverage. This is the day for food and drinks that are especially exciting!

Performance & Music: Particularly any “low” art in realms such as comedy, theater, circus arts, Drag, storytelling, slam poetry, etc. This can be seen live, watched on a screen, or even performed by you! (All the world’s a stage…and Loki’s the master of improv!)

Offerings: Naturally, this is a day to give offerings to Loki.


The Crowning of the Fool: The criteria for this can vary from group-to-group. Is this noble title earned? Is it elected upon? Does someone volunteer for it? The possibilities are endless!

Insult Contests: Finally settle that argument about who’s the cleverest by cooking up the most hilarious insults. May the best insult win.

Costume Parties & Masquerades: This is a perfect excuse to host thematic parties.


Water Balloon Fights: Weather permitting.

Party Games

Clue-Based Scavenger Hunts: Example concept: The Fool hid something special, but you have to go on a hunt to find it.

Arts & Crafts: This is the perfect day to let your children get messy with arts and crafts!

Masks & Costumes: Or as the kids would have it, Halloween Part 2.

…and more! This is only a sampling of the possibilities.

What is the significance of this holiday?

Loki is a trickster of the Norse pantheon. Like many tricksters, Loki makes us question the world around us, particularly the everyday rules we live by. By upending these rules on Loki Fest, we learn how they serve us and how they don’t. We can carry this knowledge into the rest of the year.

But ultimately, this day is about having fun! Enjoy all that this topsy-turvy day has to offer!

Forn Sidr of America does not condone Loki Fest activities that violate the consent or agency of individuals involved. This is a day of humor and fun, not a day of bullying and harassment.