For Immediate Release

Date: May 3, 2022

​​All of us at Forn Sidr of America are concerned by the leaded US Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn the landmark decision on Roe v. Wade. Every person—regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or creed—deserves the right and ability to make decisions about their own health, including reproductive rights and abortion. Roe v. Wade does not just protect abortion rights, but also guarantees privacy rights over personal decisions we make across the spectrum of daily living. Should the supreme court move forward, the potential ramifications are significant, especially for the health, safety, and well-being of marginalized communities across the country.

Forn Sidr of America stands in firm support of bodily autonomy, healthcare privacy, and abortion rights. We will continue to maintain a safe and supportive environment for all, Heathen or not, who need support during this tumultuous time.

We invite the Heathen community to stand with us in protecting the rights of every person. We ask the US Supreme Court to reconsider this course of action, rise above partisan politics, and uphold the right to autonomy and privacy of the citizens of the United States.


Forn Sidr of America


Heathens for Reproductive Rights