Official Statement Re: Religious Beard Accommodations in the US Military

We’ve been receiving requests for religions beard accommodations for soldiers serving in the Armed Forces. In 2018, The United States military updated its restrictions to accommodate soldiers who follow religious doctrinal guidelines on dress and grooming. We commend their motion to include people from all religions in their grooming standards.

Unlike the religions this exemption was created for, Forn Sidr is not a doctrinal religion and therefore doesn’t have any religious laws or requirements regarding the dress, grooming, diet, relationships, or lifestyle of its followers. While beards are a part of Heathen tradition and can be a part of personal observance, they are not required to demonstrate the values of Forn Sidr.

We acknowledge that there are pro-fascist Norse Heathenry groups that promote religious creeds requiring a beard. However, Forn Sidr of America does not support their views or their expression of Heathenry.

Due to this and out of support for soldiers observing requirements by often-marginalized doctrinal religions we cannot offer accommodation letters to Heathen soldiers for beards.

For additional Heathen religious support in the US Armed Forces, please consider checking out the Open Halls Project.