Press Release

Re: Richard Holzer Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Pueblo’s Temple Emanuel, Pueblo CO

Date: November 4, 2019

Forn Sidr of America is a North American Norse Pagan church organization which places a focus upon social awareness, humanitarian values, and compassionate Heathenry.

Forn Sidr of America stands in solidarity with the Jewish community of Colorado, and the United States, as they continue to experience persistent threats upon their right to peaceful worship. Although this terrorist did not embody the values of Forn Sidr, we acknowledge that members of our faith are falling prey to radicalization towards violent extremism and that this individual was a target of such online radicalization.

White Supremacist Extremism is identified as one of the greatest security threats we face today (US Homeland Security Dept, 2019). We acknowledge that as long as systems of racial oppression are upheld by the socially privileged, we will continue to have racially motivated extremism. Forn Sidr of America will continue to foster a faith community which holds itself accountable for examining personal biases and dismantling systems of oppression. We hold space for the voices of the Jewish community and those who are most affected by white nationalism.

The Council of Directors
Forn Sidr of America