Happy Loki’s Fest everyone!

Although fairly recent as a formal holiday, Heathens have been celebrating our favorite mischief-making trickster on April Fool’s Day for decades. And with this deity’s penchant for pranks, it’s easy to see why modern Heathens began to see April 1 as a day when Loki reigns supreme.

There are many differing perspectives on Loki’s Modus Operandi. For many Heathens, Loki inspires ingenuity and represents the divergence from the norm. For the LGBTQ+ community the gender bending shapeshifter has become a divine protector and advocate. For some, Loki remains an agitator who disrupts and confounds the best laid plans. Regardless of where your proclivities towards Loki lie, they remain one of the most popular gods in our pantheon and always seems to turn things on their head.

Take a look memes and graphics shared by our followers for Loki’s Fest.


Freddie Mercury riding the shoulders of Darth Vader during a live show in 1980

 May be an image of text that says 'teaches little kids to say fuck Loki Odin Thor Freyr Freyja just watches the shit go down Baldur Tyr yells at people who Frigga teach little kids to say fuck'


May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The Aesir: "You better stop that builder from finishing the wall" Loki:'


May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The AEsir Lokeans AYBE SEND MC AN ANGEL. The AEsir Lokeans THE NICEST ANGEL YOU HAVE.'


Pin by Kyle greaney on Cats and more | Space cat, Cat wallpaper, Galaxy cat


In true Loki fashion, today’s energy gives us the freedom to drop social norms and join the chaotic merriment. Have some spongecake, attend a drag show, or have a slam poetry battle with friends. However you spend April 1, we hope you get a good laugh!

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