Hello, friends and followers. We’d like to apologize for our prolonged online absence—our time and energy was spread very thin for everyone over the last few years. Due to this, we had to choose our priorities wisely, and thus went dark on social media for the sake of focusing on our core infrastructure and curriculum.

However, we have a ton of updates for you. We hope to give regular monthly updates going forward to keep everyone informed of news as it unfolds.

Here are the updates for April:

‘Forn Sidr’ Trademark Dispute

Thanks to the contributions of hundreds of people, we were able to pay our legal representation in the ‘Forn Sidr’ trademark dispute. Our entire team worked hard over the past few months to provide documentation for the discovery process.

Right now the dispute is still ongoing. The initial funds helped cover the first half of our fees, but depending on how things go we may roll out further donation incentives. Fortunately, we have full confidence the trademark dispute will fall in our favor. We will provide more updates as they come.

Heathening Curriculum and Hof Memberships

Almost every week for the past year, our head clergy, Alexandra, and our cultural advisor, Kissi, have worked together to adapt the Nordtorp Danish heathen lineage for a hof community setting.

This has culminated in the creation of our Heathening curriculum, an introductory program designed to teach new members the basics of American Forn Sidr Heathenry. We will keep everyone posted about the progress of the Heathening curriculum, and thus membership openings, as they come.

Monthly Clergy Q&A Videos

As a way to warm everyone up, Forn Sidr of America will begin publishing monthly, pre-recorded videos of Alexandra answering community questions.

How does this work? We begin by collecting your questions through a Q&A form for a period of time. Then our clergy department goes through the questions and selects frequently-asked ones and favorite ones to answer. These are then addressed in a recorded video released at the end of each month.

Depending on how many questions we get, we might not be able to answer every question that comes our way. Also be aware that these videos are intended for the general public, and private questions should not be submitted to the Q&A form.

The form will open at the beginning of April. We will post a reminder blog post at that time.

Website Updates

Many changes are coming to the Forn Sidr of America website! Now that we’ve been around for a few years, we’ve had the time to hone and refine our ideas, which have yet to be implemented on our website. Over the next month, we will be cleaning up a lot of content and pages to better reflect our growth and purpose as a Heathen hof.

April Events

  • Loki Fest: April 1st
  • Yggdrasil Fest: April 22nd – May 1st
  • Clergy Q&A Video: End of Month