Hello again from Forn Sidr of America! As we reach the dawn of spring once again, we would like to wish each and every one of you in the front range (and beyond) a very happy spring equinox. We hope this spring season is full of all the joy in Vanaheimr! May this holiday season give you what you need as we continue to face tough and uncertain times in the world in which we live.


I know that 2022 has come in with a lot of anxiety and we are all worried about our climate and our mother earth. We’re watching our LGBTQIA children, family, and community members get dehumanized and attacked nearly every day now. To top it all off, there is the worry of peace that has been shattered. Let us not forget that in times with so much uncertainty in Colorado and the world abroad, one of the most important things we can do is help each other and show up in our communities.


In these fragile times, we can do this by trying our hardest to spread frith as much as possible. Frith is a word and a concept that gets thrown around a lot in the Heathen world. Everyone has their own definition of what frith is and how they use it. By and large, frith is our collective social agreement to create and maintain right relationships with each other.


Remember that, as Heathens, we are a religious minority and your actions–both within and outside Heathen communities and activities–will form the framework for how those individuals and communities see us and our place in the world. Let them see us for how we truly are: as vital parts of communities who are doing our best to spread frith.


So, how do we spread frith? Consider donating what you can–whether it’s time, money or both–to a charity, local or national. There are so many issues where inclusive Heathenry can and should show up those who are being hammered with oppression in one form or another. For example, consider doing what you can to stop the attacks on trans children and BIPOC communities all over the country. Let us not forget our climate or any of the insecurities that face our state here in Colorado. Lastly, please consider participating in a community support network or creating one if there is not one in your area. Community support is a wonderful way to connect with your local community and help others get the resources they need. These are just a few examples to get you started. Please go where you feel most called to act. Understand as we get more active as a hof here in Colorado, we are going to be ramping up our promotion and advocacy for these issues and more in order to spread our frith out into the world.


Finally, let me leave you with this parting thought for this spring equinox: we must remember that our communities form the bedrock of wyrd through which we love, work, and live our lives. In these dark times where everything feels like we are being tossed around and our safety and frith feels fragile, we must remember that if we stick together, we can weather these crises and even prosper.


Gudellri Alexandra